Predictive Modelling in Action

An introduction to the principles of predictive modeling in health care and examples of how predictive models are being used in the NHS in England. Learn more.

ACG System Version 12.0

This presentation discusses the various v12.0 features such as refined risk assessment variables and enhanced analytics. Presented by Dr. Stephen Sutch. Learn more.

Using EHR’s Unstructured Data for Risk Stratification

Presented by: Hadi Kharrazi, MHI, MD, PhD
Asst. Professor, JH School of Public Health; Asst. Professor, JH School of Medicine; Research Director, JHCPHIT

This presentation focuses on the potential role of EHR’s unstructured data in identifying frailty markers and improving the prediction of utilization outcomes.

Inter-Relationship Between Frailty & Multimorbidity

Presented by: Alan Thompson, MSc
Director of User Support, ACG System

Whilst it is true that resource use increases with an increasing degree of frailty, this presentation will demonstrate that not all frail patients are high cost and not all high cost patients are frail.

Population Segmentation

Presented by: Sarah Kachur
Director, Population Health R&D, JHHC Business Lead, Pop. Health Precision Medicine

This webinar explores how applying risk taxonomy to a Medicare Advantage population helped a health plan improve their identification of high-risk members.

Leveraging Prescription Data to Derive Future Costs and Predictors Regarding Opioid Abuse Patients

Presented by: David Bodycombe, ScD, MSc

Director ACG System Research

This Webinar describes his study, which created and assessed three measures of high-risk opioid use, presents results supporting the utility of these measures, and describes how the resulting measures are being deployed within the ACG System. Learn More.

Provider Profiling and Engagement

Presented by: Dina Goldberg
Executive Director of Population Health, Innovations and Transformation for JHHC

This webinar describes how Johns Hopkins HealthCare (JHHC) uses Provide Profile Reports, created with data from the ACG System, as part of its comprehensive Provider Engagement Strategy.

Case Mix Adjustment in Primary Care

Presented by: Dr. David Shepherd FRCGP

This webinar shares a case study of Leicester CCG in the UK. The ACG System was used to analyze emergency admission rates for all practices in the area. The top 8 practices were identified and studied further to understand key characteristics of those practices.

Using the ACG System to support population health management in Baltimore city

Presented by: Melissa Sherry, MPH, CPH

Director, Population Health Innovation and Transformation, Johns Hopkins HealthCare

This webinar presents a case study of the use of the ACG System to address the needs of a high risk, low income population in Baltimore City.

Risk adjusted resource allocation in Sweden

Presented by: Andreas Johansson, M.Sc., Founder of Ensolution

Visualization & Use of the ACG System in the Military Health System

Presented by: David H. Carnahan, Colonel, USAF, MD, MSCE

Patient selection based on segmentation and predictive modeling

Patient selection based on segmentation and predictive modeling in the Comprehensive Care for Multimorbid Adults Program (CC-MAP) Presented by: Efrat Shadmi, PhD, RN, Associate Professor […]

Predictive Modeling Part I – An Introduction to the Basics

This webinar is an introduction to the basics of predictive modelling and provides an overview of the predictive models that are available within the Johns […]

Case Mix Adjustment in Practice

In this webinar, builds upon the introduction to the concept of case mix in the previous webinar and will share how case mix adjustment can […]

Case Mix Measurement

This webinar provides an introduction to the principle of case mix and the constructs within the ACG System that make this possible. This session is a […]

Care Density: A Social Network Approach to Claims Data

If optimizing quality of care, clinical outcomes and cost effectiveness is one of your priorities, ensuring your patient population receives comprehensive, coordinated care from their […]

Supporting Clinical Activities

The ACG System UK Team hosts a series of webinars aimed at providing an overview on a number of topics related to risk stratification, population […]

Big Data Byte: Jonathan Weiner on analytics in population health

Dr. Jonathan Weiner participated as a featured presenter in the 2015 Big Data & Health Care Analytics forum in New York City. Watch the below […]

Population Health Management: Innovations in Risk Adjustment and Predictive Modeling

Jonathan Weiner, DrPH participated as one of the featured presenters in the 8th Annual Predictive Modeling Web Summit. Watch the below recording of Dr. Weiner’s […]

Population Health Profiling

This webinar will explore how the ACG System can – and is – being used to support commissioners and those responsible for the management of […]

Using Additional Data Sets

This webinar explores the use of data sets from other Health and Social Care providers with the ACG system. In particular, it will focus on […]

Predictive Modeling Part II

This webinar is a follow up to the previous Predictive Modeling Part I webinar, which provides an overview of the predictive models available within in the […]

Case Finding and Population Profiling

This webinar focuses on a project undertaken in Slough Clinical Commissioning Group where information from the ACG System was used to profile the population of […]

Case Management and Care Coordination Part 2

This webinar will provide an introduction to different types of care programs in use to care for patients with existing and emerging risk and the […]

Case Management and Care Coordination Part 1

This webinar will provide an overview of the data available within the ACG System to support case finding activities. The topics covered will include the […]

Supporting Commissioning Activities

The first part of this webinar will provide an introduction to the ACG System, the logic used within the software to determine morbidity patterns and […]

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