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What People Are Saying

The ACG System is relied on by health systems, health plans, accountable care organizations, health care analytics companies and others across the globe for analytics and insights into population health. Here is what some of them have to say about the ACG System.

“We created the Wiseman360 Ribbon, powered by the ACG System, to identify and enroll patients in care management programs right at the point of care. The capabilities of the ACG System to surface opportunities has resulted in cost savings and better patient care.”

– Wiseman Innovations


“The ACG System’s ED classification system helped us understand the reasons patients visited the emergency department. These findings resulted in making changes to our benefit plan that not only increased access to primary care, but also reduced unnecessary ED visits. This maximizes health resources and keeps costs lower for everyone.”

– Discovery Health


“A dashboard built using the ACG System’s PNG segmentation model allows us to identify patients in high-needs segments who are driving cost and utilization. We can quickly identify clinically meaningful and actionable insights within a few clicks.”

– Johns Hopkins HealthCare (managed care division of Johns Hopkins)


About the ACG System

The Johns Hopkins ACG System is the world’s leading population health analytics software. The system continues to evolve, providing ever-more refined tools used in the US and across the globe for over 30 years, from commercial health plans and governments to health systems and large employers. The beauty of the ACG System is its ability to combine data from an array of sources to reveal powerful insights that go beyond just medical records. By identifying risk and tracking patients over time, the ACG System can help you plan ahead and reduce health care costs—especially valuable to risk-bearing health systems and provider organizations. Most importantly, the ACG System allows you to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to your population’s unique health care needs. The system helps you combine a population-level perspective with patient-level behaviors and conditions. And because the system is incredibly flexible and responsive to new information, you can rest assured that no matter what comes next, the ACG System will continuously adapt to your health care management needs.


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