Repeat Emergency Department Visits for Individuals With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Psychiatric Disorders

Published: September 23, 2018
Category: Bibliography
Authors: Andrew S. Wilton, Anna Durbin, Avra Selick, Elizabeth Lin, Kristin M. Dobranowski, Robert Balogh, Yona Lunsky
Countries: USA
Language: English
Types: Care Management, Population Health
Settings: Hospital


Although individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and psychiatric concerns are more likely than others to visit hospital emergency departments (EDs), the frequency of their returns to the ED within a short time is unknown. In this population-based study we examined the likelihood of this group returning to the ED within 30 days of discharge and described these visits for individuals with IDD + psychiatric disorders (n = 3,275), and persons with IDD only (n = 1,944) compared to persons with psychiatric disorders only (n = 41,532). Individuals with IDD + psychiatric disorders, and individuals with IDD alone were more likely to make 30-day repeat ED visits. Improving hospital care and postdischarge community linkages may reduce 30-day returns to the ED among adults with IDD.

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