Epidemiology of Interpersonal Trauma among Women and Men Psychiatric Inpatients: A Population-Based Study

Published: July 1, 2019
Category: Bibliography
Authors: Evgenia Gatov MPH, Maria Chiu PhD, Michael Lebenbaum MSc, Natasha R. Saunders MD MSc FRCPC, Nicole Koziel MD FRCPC, Paul Kurdyak MD PhD FRCPC, Simon Chen MSc, Simone N. Vigod MD MSc FRCPC
Countries: Canada
Language: English
Types: Population Health
Settings: Hospital



Small clinical samples suggest that psychiatric inpatients report a lifetime history of interpersonal trauma. Since past experiences of trauma may complicate prognosis and treatment trajectories, population-level knowledge is needed about its prevalence and correlates among inpatients.


Using health-administrative databases comprising all adult psychiatric inpatients in Ontario, Canada (2009 to 2016, n = 160,436, 49% women), we identified those who reported experiencing physical, sexual, and/or emotional trauma in their lifetime, 1 year, and 30 days preceding admission. We described the prevalence of each type of trauma, comparing women and men using modified Poisson regression, and identified individual-level characteristics associated with lifetime trauma history using multivariable logistic regression.

trauma, abuse, gender, women, men, psychiatric hospitalization

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