A Multi-sourced Data Analytics Approach to Measuring and Assessing Biopsychosocial Complexity: The Vancouver Community Analytics Tool Complexity Module (VCAT-CM)

Published: June 8, 2019
Category: Bibliography
Authors: Ali Rafik Shukor, Dionne Sofia Kringos, Gabriela Sincraian, Niek Klazinga, Ronald Joe
Countries: Canada
Language: English
Types: Care Management, Performance Analysis, Population Health
Settings: Academic, Health Plan, PCP


Operationalization of the fundamental building blocks of primary care (i.e. empanelment, team-based care and population management) within the context of Community Health Centers requires accurate and real-time measures of biopsychosocial complexity, at both client and population-levels. This article describes the conceptualization, design and development of a novel software tool (the VCATComplexity Module) that can calculate and report real-time person-oriented biopsychosocial complexity profiles, using multiple data sources. The tool aligns with a profile approach to conceptualizing health outcomes, and represents a potentially significant advance over disease-oriented complexity assessment tools. The results and face validity of the software’s complexity score outputs are discussed, along with their practical implications on functions related to the development of primary care within Vancouver Coastal Health, a Canadian Regional Health Authority.

Biopsychosocial, Complexity, Data analytics, Primary Health Care, Community Health Center, Vancouver Coastal Health

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