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Policies and Copyrights

Unless otherwise indicated, this website and its content is the sole and exclusive copyright of Johns Hopkins University, Copyright 2013-2016 all rights reserved.

The terms The Johns Hopkins ACG® System, ACG®, ADG®, Adjusted Clinical Groups® are registered trademarks of The Johns Hopkins University and may not be used without the prior express written consent of Johns Hopkins University or any of its related entities or affiliates.

The following are output produced by the ACG System.

  • Diagnoses Markers: Aggregated Diagnosis Groups (ADGs), Resource Utilization Bands (RUBs) & Expanded Diagnosis Clusters (EDCs).
  • Special Population Markers: Chronic Condition Count, Hospital Dominant Morbidity Types, Frailty Conditions, Compassionate Care Allowances (CAL-SSa), Pregnant, Delivered, Pregnancy without Delivery & Low Birth Weight (less than 2500 Grams)
  • Pharmacy-based Markers: Rx-Defined Morbidity Groups (Rx-MGs) & Active Ingredient Count
  • Diagnosis+Pharmacy-based Markers: Condition Markers & Pharmacy Adherence.
  • Utilization and Resource Use Markers: All Cause Inpatient Hospitalization Count, Inpatient Hospitalization Count, Inpatient Hospitalization Days, Unplanned Inpatient Hospitalization Count, Readmission 30 Day Count, Unplanned Readmission 30 Day Count, Emergency Visit Count, Outpatient Visit Count, Dialysis Service Marker, Nursing Service Marker, Major Procedure Marker, Cancer Treatment Marker, Mechanical Ventilation Marker, Psychotherapy Service Marker, & Resource Bands.
  • Coordination: Management Visit Count, majority Source of Care (MSOC), Unique Provider Count, Specialty Count, Generalist Seen, Risk of Poor Coordination, Care Density.
  • Risk Models: Local Age-Gender Concurrent Risk, ACG Concurrent Risk, Concurrent Risk (Regression-based), Predicted Total/Pharmacy Cost Risk, Rank Probability High Total/Pharmacy Cost, Reference Probability High Total/Pharmacy Cost, Probability of Unexpected Pharmacy Cost/High Risk Unexpected Pharmacy Cost, Probability of Persistent High User, Predictive Models for Hospitalization including: Probability IP Hospitalization, Probability IP Hospitalization Six Months, Probability ICU Hospitalization, Probability Injury Hospitalization, Probability Extended Hospitalization.

Guidance on citations and reference

Publications shall reference the software as The Johns Hopkins ACG® System and include the software version number used for the research. First occurrences of terms shall be preceded by ACG® System. Example: ACG® System Rx-Defined Morbidity Groups (Rx-MGs) may be shortened to Rx-MGs on subsequent occurrences. Redundant use of ACG® System may be omitted where meaning is clear: Example: ACG® System Rx-Defined Morbidity Groups (Rx-MGs) and Coordination metrics were used for identifying high risk individuals. In the interest of replicability, we encourage academicians to incorporate as much detail as possible about which models and/or data processing options were applied in their research. Example: Summary Statistics tab indicates the ACG Predicted total cost model DxRx-PM-total cost-lenient dx-> total cost could be described as “Predicted total costs scores from the ACG System were based on both diagnoses (any occurrence) and pharmacy information.”

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