The 2013 RHA indicators atlas

Published: October 1, 2013
Category: Bibliography > Reports
Authors: Allegro E, Bailly A, Burchill C, Fransoo R, Koseva I, Martnes P, Need To Know Team, Prior H
Countries: Canada
Language: null
Types: Population Health
Settings: Academic, PCP

Winnipeg, MB, Canada: Manitoba Centre for Health Policy.

Manitoba Centre for Health Policy, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

The results in this report show clearly that the health of Manitobans has improved significantly over time, despite the aging of the population. Life expectancy increased, and death rates decreased. Potential years of life lost and premature mortality rates (PMR) also decreased, indicating that fewer people died before the age of 75 years.

Age,Mortality Prediction,Predictive Risk Modeling,Canada

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