Morbidity, service utilization and health spending in Montrealers aged 65 and older in 2005-2006: an application of the Johns Hopkins “Adjusted Clinical Group” system

Published: June 6, 2010
Category: Bibliography > Reports
Authors: Bluteau JP, Gonzalez LM
Countries: Canada
Language: null
Types: Care Management
Settings: Hospital

Montreal, QC, Canada: Montreal Health and Social Services Agency. Published in French; also have English translation.

Montreal Health and Social Services Agency, Montreal, QC, Canada

This report describes the use of health care services by level of morbidity in Montreal 65 years and older. Analyses were conducted using the databases Twin Agency Health and Social Services Agency. The study population includes Montrealers aged 65 and over, not staying in hospital care Long-term (nursing home), who had at least one valid diagnosis (252,059 estimated population of 285,087, or 88%). The project data are those of the year 2005-2006.

Morbidity Pattern,Diagnostic Certainty,Resource Utilization,Canada
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