Evaluation of the full service family practice incentive program and the practice support program: synthesis report for work completed to June 2013

Published: June 13, 2013
Category: Bibliography > Reports
Authors: Hollander MJ
Countries: Canada
Language: null
Types: Performance Analysis
Settings: Hospital

Victoria, BC, Canada: Hollander Analytical Services Ltd.

This report constitutes a synthesis of findings from the evaluation of the Full Service Family Practice Incentive Program (FSFPIP), and the Practice Support Program (PSP) for the General Practice Services Committee (GPSC). This was a multi-year, multi-component evaluation that used a mixed methods approach of both quantitative and qualitative analysis. This report provides a synthesis and highlights of findings for the evaluation of GPSC activities to June 30, 2013. The main focus of the report is on recent findings. An earlier synthesis report of the evaluation was submitted to the GPSC in June 2009. Some relevant material from that report is also included in this report, as appropriate. This report provides an overview of the overall research design for the evaluation, including its structure and process. One of the key issues discussed is whether the funding for the GPSC is an expense or an investment. It is noted that, for an analysis of quantitative data we use the concept of cost avoidance. We also explain how cost avoidance can be translated into actual savings.

Targeted Program,Program Evaluation,Payment,Cost Burden Evaluation

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