Case mix measures for ambulatory care

Published: August 1, 1991
Category: Bibliography > Papers
Authors: Hutchinson A, Parkin D, Philips P
Countries: United Kingdom
Language: null
Types: Care Management
Settings: Academic

J Public Health Med 13:189-197.

University of Newcastle upon Tyne, School of Health Care Sciences, Medical School, Newcastle, UK

Resource management in Ambulatory Care is recognized as an increasingly important area for development by many countries, and there has been much interest in the part that Case Mix Measures (CMMs) can play in this. There are a number of possible approaches to case mix, and several measures already exist. However, these are at present mainly still at the development stage and all are North American in origin. This paper reviews the role and state of the art of ambulatory CMMs and reports on an initial evaluation of the Ambulatory Visit Group (AVG) methodology using European data. Although the AVG grouper works under limited conditions, important questions remain concerning its validity and usefulness.

PMID: 1958409

Resource Utilization,Case Management,Performance Assessment,Outcome Measures,United Kingdom,Disease/classification,Europe,Office Visits

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